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Jul. 9th, 2011

Kaito cheer

Random Doodle

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Pico <333

Lol I was bored and drew this in one hour. With SAI + Wacoom Bamboo. I know this is too moe. And too emo. Wow, emo dan moe have same characters.
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Jun. 10th, 2011

Kaito apologize


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Jan. 28th, 2010

Kaito apologize

Help puwease ;A;

Need Help! ;A;

My workplace want to make a website, but I still don't know which web hosting is good. Anyone know about it? The most important is, it's size must big (not megabyte, but giga) and the domain not really difficult/easy to remember. The price is not number one, the most important is quality. And not a free one, we need something more than that...

I've looking for that, but still confused which is better. Any halp? ;w;

Nov. 23rd, 2009

yayang Kishou

WIP or Unfinished?

I want to finish it, but I kinda get stuck OTL Feel like want to change the arts, since the bodies looks kinda stiff. Aaah, I don't know. It can be 'Work In Process' Status, or even 'Unfinished'. I really like to do something and not finish it 8DD Yay!


The black haired guy (Kurosawa Inoki) is mine. The blond-haired is (c) mineyo_shiki. BG taken from Absolute Obedience PC Game. Want to made it as Shiki's BDay Present, but it's too late. Aaakh. Such inconsistent person I am.

And just FYI, the black haired guy in this pic IS NOT the guy in my icon. Well, both drew by me but there are different person. I swear. And yesh, I'm such uncreative in design characters OTL

Sep. 16th, 2009


Drama Queen

Not because of anything. I realized, there's so many things and so many kind of people in this world. There's some with some thoughts that we can't understand at all, and he/she also can't understand our thought, and sometimes, that makes us hate each other or such. And there's also some people that---I don't know, maybe his'her life is suck or too boring or something like that, so he/she need some dramas in his/her life.

And yesh that's called Drama Queen.

And dunno, because I'm too busy or maybe too hima, I remembered the dialogue in my old Original Story about this thing.

Arthur: (after go home from somewhere) That b*tch make me want to tear his tongue and drown his f***ing brain into the sea. It's just, oh, yes miss, the world is spin around you, you're the one and only victim here, and another ppls are villains. Heck, I'm better being a villain than a main character with that drama queen act! B****!

Julian: *cuckle* You never and can't be a main character with that kind of act and mouth, Arthur. It's just a drama queen. What's wrong with it?

Arthur: It's just wrong. She alive in this world just wrong. F***, like world can't spin without her! World would be better without her around.

Julian: Whysoserious, my dear Arthur? *laugh* You know? This world need more drama. World is boring without them. And do you know why ppl like them called 'drama queen'?

Arthur: *still mad, shook his head*

Julian: Because ppl loves drama. And everyone loves the queen. Queen and drama make our days, that's why they called drama queen. They made our lifes being colorful, and world would be boring without them~


Julian: My dear brother, Arthur, *sat beside him* (he is standing in front of sitting Arthur before btw), *circled his arm around Arthur's shoulder* they entertain us, just say it. Ah, and do you know their other name?

Arthur: *shook his head once more*

Julian: Sometimes, they also known as 'clown'. But the difference, clown know they're funny. But drama queens, they don't know how funny they are, and that's make them even funnier. Don't you think so?

-ok flash back ended-

Nothing in particular, but I just kind off laugh at my self who's being a drama queen once. Lol, and when thinking about it, I want to cry and laugh in same times. But that's mean we already walking straight, and not just stay in same place and spot.

And FYI, I still need help for my previous journal TTwTT

Sep. 14th, 2009

Micchon by Lish

Need Help ;w;

First, sorry to not lj-cut again, my computer was suck.

I need some data for my Role Playing Forum. It's need so many upgrade. So for you who maybe know about what I asked below, please anwser! >.<

It's about school system in Japan High School.

1. What subject they learn there? I mean, like, math, bioglogy, economic, et. School in my country has different subject in different grade. And there's so many subject here, but I don't think they study the same subject withs us...

2. What time usually the school ended? And how many time they have a break, and usually when and how long? (in my country, it's twice, for 15 minutes or so)

3. How long they study each subject? (in my country, it's 45 minutes per session. One subject can be one session per day, or two session per day)

4. What month and date usually the weather change in Japan?

5. When usually the students has their holiday?

6. How long the holiday is?

7. Except weather holiday, what holiday they had and how long?

8. What kind of uniform usually they used per weather if they had blazer for spring?

9. For third grade, when they usually have last exam, and when usually the university exam start?

That's all for now (wow, my English getting moar suck from day to day). I have asked seraphin_kaegan once, but the data I saved lost OTL


Sep. 2nd, 2009

Kishou and Takao

It's earthquake!

Earth quake, at 15.00 PM or so (I think it's before 15.00 PM thou).

So today, after I spent my days like hikkikomori, finally I went our with my sis and neighbour,
[info]mina_shou . We want to watch an Indonesian film, Merah Putih. We kinda late, and when we entered the cinema, the film already started, damn.

After 10 minutes or so I watched, I felt like my chair shaking. I think someone behind me kicking my chair or something like that, so I shout "hey, don't shake my chair!"

But when I turned my head, none sat behind me. When then someone shout 'earthquake!" and the cinema started to get in to panic. I was on 4th stairs, and the earthquake felt so strong. We really panic, and I really confused what to do. My sis ordered me to go out, and when I was almost go out from the cinema, I realized that I forgot my bag inside OTL

So then I back to take the bag again. The whole mall seem so panic. It kinda long, like 2-4 minutes. And strong, too. And what I though was 'I don't want to die here!" Buhuhuhu. I know it's so lame, but to die in a cinema in ramadhan month... OMG No please. That's really a shame. At least I want my end something nice like die when I shalat or so (ngarep dot kom).

So three of us immediately come home. Every one talked about it, and what I though that time was... GIMME BACK MY MONEEH! Argh. I just watch 10 minutes ;A; When my financial not really in good situation, it's such a waste OTL

But thanks God everythink was okay. I hope you're okay too, everyone! Take care of yourselves, nee?

(Okay then, Kai would back to his hikkikomori taem again)

(Forget the LJ-cut. I've tried it again and again and it's phail D:)

Jul. 9th, 2009

Hiro by Resha


I. Have. Scanner~~~ *dancing happily*

OMG, I know it's not a big deal, but it IS for me TTwTT I really want to have it from loooong time, and finally I can buy it! Yay! It's Canon, and its result quite good 8D I prefer HP though, but it's a little moar expensive, hahahah.

Ok, I know it's so random.

Well, just for my friend, I'm okay here. It's just, I'm being Hikkimori here OTL almost never going outside, except for working. Ah, and today is President Election! Looks like the one I choose would win, ufufufu.

Lastly, ignore the picture I put in my every post now. Well, I decided to post my current art so when I opened LJ I can see my progress. That's why I didn't use LJcut for it.

And why I didin't LJ cut this random talk? Because I was lazy *slapped*

Okay, Kai would back to dancing doing her hikkimory-activity~ XD

Moar to do: 
5 more Art Trade
-Editing my forum
-Doing an art for my forum's winner in festival
-Doing my Ori Manga for MKL
-Draw moar and moar and moar
-Etc I forgot


Jun. 8th, 2009

Hiro by Resha

I'm still alive! Muwahahahaha!

Well then, for my friends, just want to tell you, I;m alive and healthy here (even though I'm not sure I'll stay healthy with my sleep habit nao OTL)

Why I didn't active in LJ anymoar... you see, some my friends maybe know I'm really into RP now... A RP forum that I made and OMG the new members kept come and come again like amoeba DD: I still lazy thou, and moar into my own RP, not really doing the administrator's job properly... (well, the members know that they have a lazy headmaster thou XD)

Forget about that unimportant thing. Not just RP, but my projects and job really kill me... (I hope a day is 48 hours or more, argh!). Must-do-things nao:
-Finish 5 art trade (Some WIP)
-Finish my original manga (And the script still not done, I wanna cry)
-Finishing two contests in Deviantart
-RP and RP and RP (there's too much debt in replying post, i's like, well, you see, I have moar than 10 charas there, hahahaha)
-Tidy moar my forum since it's sooo much mess here and there, and I'm too lazy to do it lol
-Finishing some arts
Learn coloring moar
-Draw moar and moar and moar until it's get better
-Forget, but I think there's more to do XD

Draw more and more and more... Aaargh, yesh, I have some art block OTL Not really art block, but I just think my drawing really really suck until I wanna cry and rip them and throw them into the toilet but I just can draw and draw and draw until I can be better (well, honestly I just too lazy to spend too much hours in front of computer).

Hope there would be tablet fall from the sky X___X

Other than that, I'm really fine. Although I a little worry about my health. I have a very bad sleep habit, and when, hmm, some months ago my weight is 50-51, now it's 44-45... Scary, I really scare. I can't say I'm not glad, thou, to loss weight without have a diet or drink weird medicine, but to loss weight because of bad sleep habit make me scare ;A; (but still, I can't stop this habit, duh).

Other than that, I'm fine and still happy XD But looks like I can't cosplay anymoar (some cloth still kept in my cupboard ;A; when can I sew them or send them to the tailor???) Aaargh, I kinda loss urge to cosplay XD (but still, I must cosplaying my last cosplay because I have buy the cloth and too much waste to not sew them '____________')

Oh, and another problem.

BAD ENGLISH. lol. So sorry if you can't understand some of my bad language XDD

So then, Kai would back to hiatus~~~ *3* Hope you all fine, friends~! *smooch*

Apr. 19th, 2009

Kaito giggle

Important Message for All people who know me (Indonesian Only, for you who know me, plz read).

Terinspirasi dari Jurnal[info]amanokawa_osa di Deviantart. Dimana ternyata sebuah kata singkat terasa begitu berarti untuk orang lain.

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SORRYCollapse )

REGRETCollapse )

LOVECollapse )

RICHCollapse )

HAPPYCollapse )

QUESTIONCollapse )


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