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Drama Queen

Not because of anything. I realized, there's so many things and so many kind of people in this world. There's some with some thoughts that we can't understand at all, and he/she also can't understand our thought, and sometimes, that makes us hate each other or such. And there's also some people that---I don't know, maybe his'her life is suck or too boring or something like that, so he/she need some dramas in his/her life.

And yesh that's called Drama Queen.

And dunno, because I'm too busy or maybe too hima, I remembered the dialogue in my old Original Story about this thing.

Arthur: (after go home from somewhere) That b*tch make me want to tear his tongue and drown his f***ing brain into the sea. It's just, oh, yes miss, the world is spin around you, you're the one and only victim here, and another ppls are villains. Heck, I'm better being a villain than a main character with that drama queen act! B****!

Julian: *cuckle* You never and can't be a main character with that kind of act and mouth, Arthur. It's just a drama queen. What's wrong with it?

Arthur: It's just wrong. She alive in this world just wrong. F***, like world can't spin without her! World would be better without her around.

Julian: Whysoserious, my dear Arthur? *laugh* You know? This world need more drama. World is boring without them. And do you know why ppl like them called 'drama queen'?

Arthur: *still mad, shook his head*

Julian: Because ppl loves drama. And everyone loves the queen. Queen and drama make our days, that's why they called drama queen. They made our lifes being colorful, and world would be boring without them~


Julian: My dear brother, Arthur, *sat beside him* (he is standing in front of sitting Arthur before btw), *circled his arm around Arthur's shoulder* they entertain us, just say it. Ah, and do you know their other name?

Arthur: *shook his head once more*

Julian: Sometimes, they also known as 'clown'. But the difference, clown know they're funny. But drama queens, they don't know how funny they are, and that's make them even funnier. Don't you think so?

-ok flash back ended-

Nothing in particular, but I just kind off laugh at my self who's being a drama queen once. Lol, and when thinking about it, I want to cry and laugh in same times. But that's mean we already walking straight, and not just stay in same place and spot.

And FYI, I still need help for my previous journal TTwTT